A young angry looking man wearing loose fitting cloths.



Portrayal: Zealous Freedom Fighter
Background: My Elders Taught me the Dance of War
Inciting Incident: The Bosses watched us Burn.
Belief: The Machinery of the Mines will Crumble.
Trouble: Practitioner of Forbidden Arts


Aristocrat: +0
Engineer: +1
Explorer: +3
Fighter: +1
Scholar: +2
Scoundrel: +2

Refresh: 3


Dance of War

Type: Technique
Guiding Aspect: My Elders Taught me the Dance of War
Features: Focus (+2 to Explorer),
Flaws: Stiuational(Only when unarmed),Flexible(May use Explorer in place of fight)
Cost: 2 refresh

Shadow and Song

Function Aspect: Network of escaped slaves.
Free Features: Professional, Resilient, Sturdy
Features: Exceptional (May be summoned when not present), Professional 2(+1 Scholarship, +2 Scoundrel)
Flaws: Consuming ,Troubling (Member of Shadow and Song)
Cost: 1

Spider Boots

Function Aspect: Green and Black Jade Alloy climbing Gear.
Features: Exceptional ( may walk on vertical and horizontal surfaces as if they are level)
Flaws: Demanding 2( Takes an action to warm them up, +2 explorer roll to activate them)


Born Miguel Tempest knew only debt. His crib was purchased with credit against the company store. At the age of 10 he was pressed into work with the machinery. He was one of the lucky few did not get mangled. When he got older he was moved to the mines to dig. This was his life until the fateful day when he saw something new.

One day the industrial machines failed all of them at once. During the confusion the jade store houses exploded. Multicolored fire burned for days as the mystic energy encased in the crystal was released. The punishment was swift and brutal.

Several suspected conspirators were bound and tossed on the jade infused flame. Miguel watched his family burn. Later on he followed rumors to the group that set the fires. They taught him the dance of war among other skills. Miguel took his new name and never looked back.


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