A well heeled man slightly disheveled with wild eyes



Portrayal: Last Sand Shaper of Tel’Silat
Background: Eldest Scion of The Three Moon Trading Company
Inciting Incident:Driven Mad by the Horrors of Tel’Silat
Belief: No one should suffer the whims of those with power.
Trouble: My fathers men are hunting me.


Aristocrat: +1
Engineer: +2
Explorer: +1
Fighter: +2
Scholar: +3
Scoundrel: +0

Refresh: 4


Black Jade Crystal Ball

Type: Device
Function Aspect: Black Jade seer stone
Features:Exceptional(May place an aspect on someone foretelling their future)
Flaws:Limited (May be used once per session)

Sand Shaper

Type: Technique
Guiding Aspect: Last Sand Shaper of Tel’Silat
Features: Exceptional (your actions can affect everyone in the same zone),
Flaws: Situational (only related to use of earth – Raz can’t use his social actions on an entire zone, for example), Situational (Requires the use of martial arts)
Cost: 1

Magic Carpet

Woven from white jade infused fibers the rug can carry those standing upon it through the air.
Type: Device
Function Aspect:White Jade laced rug
Features: Exceptional(Allows Raz to fly when riding it)
Flaws: Demanding(+2 Explorer roll to start), Troubling(Delicate, the rug was crafted by master alchemists and weavers, it is difficult to repair)

Portions of this Characters Assets were taken from The Jadepunk message


Raz Ben Dinai was born the eldest son of a wealthy Narmel trading family, however his personal tastes ran more to the occult. He was able to use his personal fiances to mount an exploration to the lost city of Tel’Silat. The expedition meet with mixed success.

His father’s men found him raving mad. Raz was howling about demons and monsters clutching a hunk of black jade and a book. Raz recovered after some time, though he never would discuss what happened in that tomb.

Raz began studying the book in earnest, much to his fathers disapproval. The tension rose until Raz ran away to Kausao city. Hoping to hide there until his studies were complete. He hid among the disenfranchised of the city honing her powers as he studied the book. It wasn’t long before Raz found himself using her powers to help defend the people around him.


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