Korrin Bonebreaker

Standing a full head over the crowd a Gahul man strides with confidence.



Portrayal: Barbarian Warrior
Background: I’ve traveled these lands from a north to South.
Inciting Incident: I will show these weak men true glory.
Belief: I bend my knee to no man or god.
Trouble: I am the strongest warrior who walks the earth.


Aristocrat: +2
Engineer: +0
Explorer: +2
Fighter: +3
Scholar: +1
Scoundrel: +1



Strength of 10 Men

Type: Technique
Guiding Aspect: I am the strongest warrior who walks the earth.
Features: Exceptional (Korrin may make a feat of strength. Break bonds, bend bars, topple monumental architecture, ect)
Flaws: Consuming
Cost:1 refresh

Friends all over

Korrin leaves a lasting impression for better or ill.
Type: Technique
Guiding Aspect: I’ve traveled these lands from a north to South.
Features: Exceptional (Korrin may declare he has a contact in the area)
Flaw: Demanding ( a 4 difficulty Aristocrat roll)
Cost: 1 refresh

Kami no kirā

Type: Device
Function Aspect: Red Jade-Edged Broadsword
Features: Harmful 2, Exceptional (When an opponent takes a consequence from an attack made by your jade sword, increase the severity of the consequence by one level [if increased above Severe, the opponent is taken out instead])
Flaws: Consuming(Spend a fate point to use the device’s Exceptional feature), Limited (The Exceptional feature can be used once per scene), Troubling (Requires Upkeep): after excessive use, compel this aspect to shut off all of its features, representing the red jade edge wearing down and requiring repair, which requires red jade and a workshop
Cost: 1 refresh


Korrin left home at a young age. He traveled the world living as needed doing mostly mercenary work. He was not home when the Aerish people conquered the Gahulish people. After he heard of the incident he headed to Kausao city to see what was happening,

He did find his kinsmen, drunk and adrift clogging sewers like refuse. He vowed to show them true strength again.

Korrin Bonebreaker

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